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Our Victory

7 November 2012

Last night, we won a major victory and I can't possibly thank you enough for everything you did to help us win.

You donated to fund our efforts, talked to your friends and neighbors about our fight to help middle-class families, supported us online, and of course, voted yesterday. Your efforts and hard work made the difference.

Now the election is over, and we must find common ground to confront the issues that face America. Working together, we can create quality jobs here at home, lifting the economy. Congress should reform the tax code so that it is fair to middle-class families and our tax dollars do not support sending jobs overseas. I hope to be able to work with my colleagues across the aisle in accomplishing these goals and working for the American people.

Of course, the first priority remains recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Over the next days and months, we'll continue to work to make us whole, repairing the damage and working to prevent similar devastation from happening in the future. But yesterday, you offered a vote of confidence for us to continue this work.

Thank you,

Steve Israel

I'm asking for your vote

5 November 2012

We're far from done recovering from Sandy. So many of us don't have power, phone service, gas for our cars or other essentials of modern living. It will take time to restore life to normal. But Election Day is still tomorrow and it's crucial that you make your way, and join your neighbors in casting a ballot in this important election so that your voice is heard. And as you go out to vote tomorrow, I'm asking for your support.

Four years ago, our economy was in the worst shape since the Great Depression. Though recovery is slow, jobs are coming back, the unemployment rate is going down and the economy is getting better. I've worked with President Obama to improve the economy and I have been fighting for you.

In Congress, I led the fight against the Paul Ryan budget and the Republican plan to end Medicare as we know it. I've worked to reform the tax code so that corporations don't get tax breaks for sending jobs overseas and I've worked to bring good jobs to our communities right here in New York.

But we have more to do. We need to make it easier for families to pay for college. We're working to make taxes fairer, since New York and Long Island are much more expensive than the rest of the country. And we're going to continue working to create jobs here.

Today, the economy is getting better. More people have jobs and we're on the way to a better future. We can't stop now, though. I ask for your vote so that we can continue to work for an improved America.

Polling places are open from 6 AM to 9 PM. Find where you vote online or by calling us at (516) 719-0840.

Together, we can continue working for New York and America. But to do that, I need your vote tomorrow.

Thank you,

Steve Israel

Election Day Still Tuesday, November 6

2 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy devastated many of our communities, leaving us without power and with terrible losses. But Election Day is STILL happening on Tuesday, November 6th.

Your polling place may be changed, though. Because of the power outages across Long Island, the Boards of Elections are working on changing locations. To find out if your polling place has changed or where it is, you can contact us at (516) 719-0840. Currently, our Plainview office (1163 Old Country Road) is open and our offices in Great Neck (169 Middle Neck Road) and Huntington (168 Main Street, Huntington Village) will be open Saturday, as well.

If you won't be able to make it to the polls, the absentee ballot deadline has been postponed to TODAY. You can request an absentee ballot from your county Board of Elections, and they'll send a ballot using overnight mail. Your ballot must be postmarked by Monday, November 5.

Get your absentee ballot now!

Over the next few days, we will be deploying our staff and volunteers across the district to make sure that everyone can vote. We'll need help making sure everyone knows where to vote and how to get there.

Make a difference and help everybody vote!

We're all feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. While we might have lost power, we won't let it prevent everyone from voting.

Thank you,

Colin Stephans
Field Director
Steve Israel for Congress

Need to charge your phone? Our Plainview office is open.

1 November 2012

Power made it to our part of Plainview! As we get through Sandy's devastation, we're all banding together to help each other out. That's why we're opening up our office in Plainview if you need to charge your phones. We may not have Internet, but we do have electricity.

So stop by our office at 1163 Old Country Road in Plainview to recharge your phone battery. You bring the charger and we'll provide the electricity.

We're here to help.

Stay safe,

Jen Pastrich

Help Sandy's Victims with the Red Cross

30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island with a vengeance. Lives lost, houses flooded, cars carried away, power lost. This is the very definition of a natural disaster.

But we will pick up the pieces together. If you are able to help others, the Red Cross will be training volunteers tonight at 6 PM in Mineola. Call me at (516) 680-8927 to get involved.

You can make a difference tonight.

Thank you,

Jen Pastrich

Stay Safe from Hurricane Sandy

29 October 2012

With Hurricane Sandy rapidly approaching, make sure to stay safe. If you are in a hurricane evacuation zone, be sure to leave. This storm could extremely serious with high winds, heavy rain, and flooding.

If you need assistance, call the offices of emergency management for help.

Suffolk Office of Emergency Management: 631-852-4900
Nassau Office of Emergency Management: 516-573-0636
New York City: 311.

If you need to evacuate, shelters are open across Long Island. Newsday has a list of shelters:

If someone you know depends on electric life-support devices, call LIPA’s Critical Care Program at 1-800-490-0025.

You can also make a difference: donate to support Long Island chapters of the Red Cross:

Stay safe,


Help Us Win

25 October 2012

We're just a week and a half out from Election Day. This is the crucial time when we are reaching out to convince the last undecided voters and ensure that everyone actually turns out to vote.

Can you chip in to fund the final push? Donate $5 or more today.

At this point, every dollar you donate is going to go directly towards paying for things that will move voters. We're printing literature for our volunteers to distribute. We're paying for more phone lines to call voters. We're spending on advertising to swing voters. All of these things will turn voters out and we need your support to make them happen.

These efforts are important. You can look at any poll to see that this election is going to be tight. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Republicans are close--we need your help to win.

Donate $5 or more today!

Thank you,
Colin Stephans

Watch Steve's News 12 Debate!

24 October 2012

Yesterday, Steve Israel demonstrated why we need him in Congress.

He's a leader in fighting the Republican efforts to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class without asking the very wealthiest to do anything more. Steve explained how he's worked to clean up the Long Island Sound and how his Tax Equity Act will ensure that our taxes reflect the cost of living. Steve is a tireless fighter for us us and he showed that in the debate.

And you can watch the entire debate on News 12 on demand (channel 612) or the News 12 website. See why we need Steve Israel representing us in Congress.

You'll see how high the stakes are in this election. We have a choice. Democrats like Steve Israel are fighting to support the middle class. Republicans refuse to make millionaires pay even a little more and so want to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class. As the debate showcased, this election matters and it's going to come down to the wire.

We need your support. Donate $5 today!

Thank you,

Hayley Prim

Stand with Steve

22 October 2012

Tomorrow, Steve Israel is going to go head-to-head against his opponent for Congress in the News 12 Debate. This is a chance for voters in New York's 3rd district to see Steve's leadership firsthand, and listen to him speak about the issues that really matter to New Yorkers.

Give Steve a big burst of momentum heading into the debate. Show your support!

You know how Steve is working for us in Congress. He's a leader in the battle to preserve Social Security and Medicare against Republican attacks. He is fighting to bring good jobs to New York and to help middle-class families pay for college. He's also pushing legislation to make taxes fairer for New Yorkers.

Steve is fighting for us. We need him in Congress!

We are so lucky to have your support already, but it’s important to reach out to those people who aren’t familiar with Steve’s record in Congress and won’t be able to watch the debate when it airs on television.

The election is just two weeks away, and this is a critical time for undecided voters to make up their minds about who they will support in the election. Our campaign is reaching out to our friends and neighbors like you in hopes that you will volunteer to make phone calls, knock on doors, and chat with registered voters about the November 6th elections.

Help us win this election. Stand with Steve!

Thank you!

Hayley Prim

Will you?

16 October 2012

This past weekend, more than 50 volunteers stepped up to knock on nearly 5,000 doors, and talk to voters about the importance of this election. We all had a great time and spoke to many people about why it's so important to make an informed decision on November 6.


As of today, we're just three weeks from Election Day, and as it gets closer, it becomes more and more crucial to get out the word about Steve Israel's work in Congress. And we need you. We know you're the kind of person who will step up to make a difference.

Commit to volunteering this weekend in Huntington!

Last weekend, we knocked on 4,916 doors, and reminded voters about the upcoming election and why we need Steve Israel in Congress, representing us. This weekend, we want to surpass that and knock on more than 5,000 doors. And we can only do that with your help. Bring a friend with you and join us in talking to our friends and neighbors!

Help us achieve our goals and win this election.

You'll not only be having a good time but you'll help re-elect Steve Israel and elect Joe Dujmic to the Assembly. We need your help to win this election and I know we can count on you.

See you this weekend!

Thank you,
Colin Stephans

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