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Working to Create New Jobs, Reduce Taxes

The New York Times called Steve Israel "a Democrat who has long tried to focus attention on the plight of the middle class." Steve has fought for policies that would help grow jobs here. That's why he wrote the "Bring the Jobs Home Loan Act" to help companies relocate their work here at home.

Israel believes that it's unfair for New York families to pay higher property taxes, energy and housing costs, and yet still get taxed at the same rate as families in other parts of the country whose cost of living is half as much as ours. That's why Steve is working pass legislation that would take the regional cost of living into account when determining a family or individual's federal income tax.


Helping Families Pay for College

With two daughters in school, Steve knows how hard it is for families to pay for college. That’s why he introduced legislation that would create a $5,000 super-sized tax credit for families with kids in college. His plan would increase the current tax credits and make it easier for families to benefit from it.


Ending our Dependence on Foreign Oil, Creating New Clean Tech Jobs

Newsday called Steve Israel "a ferocious fighter for Long Island and in every cause he trumpets, from green energy to improved infrastructure to job creation." Steve is leading the fight to develop a comprehensive energy plan to strengthen our national security, grow our economy and protect our environment. That's why he voted for a clean energy bill that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create the next generation jobs in alternative energy industries.

Steve has also led the charge to end Big Oil subsidies and is working to hold BP America accountable for the disaster in the Gulf.


Protecting Consumers from Insurance Companies and Counterfeit Drugs

Steve believes that for too long, insurance companies have been able to take advantage of consumers - denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions and refusing to pay claims when people need it the most. He voted to stop insurance company abuses and stabilize health care costs for families and businesses.

Steve is a leading voice on prescription drug safety, introducing a bill that will crack down on wholesalers that sell counterfeit pharmaceuticals. He is also the co-chairman of the bipartisan House Cancer Caucus, which serves as a leading voice on cancer legislation in the House. He has introduced legislation to expand access to cancer clinical trials and a bill that would expand cancer treatment options under Medicare.


Working to Keep Our Country Safe and Protect Our Allies

Steve is regarded as a leader on national security issues. To combat terrorism, Steve believes we must aggressively pursue terrorists where they are and use all the tools available to us, including both "hard" power and "soft" power. To bring our troops home successfully and safely from Iraq and Afghanistan depends on both smart military strategy and smart diplomatic efforts to keep terrorists from regaining ground. Steve believes it is critically important that we dismantle al Qaeda's operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Steve is a strong advocate for the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Steve was appointed to the US Holocaust Memorial Council in 2012. He publically demanded the arrest of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for incitement to genocide. He led the efforts to secure Israel's qualitative military edge by supporting critical weapons technologies. And Steve Israel hasn't shied from criticizing leaders of his own party for statements on Israel's settlement policies.


Standing Up for Long Island Seniors

Steve has fought to protect and improve Social Security and Medicare. He has led the charge in Congress against a Republican budget that the Wall Street Journal said would "end Medicare as we know it." Steve Israel consistently opposed efforts to privatize and Social Security. He supported legislation to close the Medicare "doughnut hole."

He has taken on the big drug companies and supported legislation allowing the government to negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare recipients. Steve also supports common sense legislation to lower prescription costs over all by allowing safe re-importation of cheaper prescription drugs and expanding access to generics. Steve wrote widely-supported legislation that would expand cancer treatment options for Medicare patients.


Fighting for our Veterans

Steve believes that by asking the men and women of our Armed Forces to put their lives on the line to defend America, we have an obligation to care for them at home. That's why in Congress, Steve helped secure the biggest increase in veterans' benefits in the history of the Veterans Administration, including funds to help veterans suffering from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder and record funding to help homeless veterans.

Steve advocates every day for Long Island veterans to ensure they are getting the support they earned. His efforts have secured more than $5.5 million in overdue benefits for local veterans.

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