9 Simple Ways You Can Help Veterans & Make Them Feel Appreciated

Recognizing veterans through the Veterans Day is one of the many ways to show our support and gratitude for their service to defend our country. However, there is much more we can always do to show our veterans we truly appreciate the great risks they take to keep us safe.

In most cases, helping veterans won’t cost you a penny! A simple act of kindness means a lot to them. Well, there is nothing wrong with giving them material support at the same time. There are just so many ways you can help veterans.

Here are 9 simple ways you can help veterans

#1. Volunteer to Organizations That Help Veterans

Offering your time by volunteering to organizations supporting veterans is one of the best ways to show your gratitude. Organizations like the Disabled American Veterans provide free transportation to veterans visiting departments of Veterans Affairs. Search for more organizations and volunteer your services for free to help our veterans in any way possible.

#2. Pay Them a Visit

There is no better way to show your gratitude to our veterans than paying them a visit at the hospital. It speaks millions in kindness than just offering financial help. Imagine the days our injured veterans spend in hospitals. It is even worse for veterans without family or friends to talk to when in hospital.

Plan a visit as a family to teach your kids the sacrifices our military service men and women go through to keep us safe.

#3. Support Business That Helps Veterans

The next time you need to shop for goods, services or book a hotel, do a simple research to see if the company is actively involved in supporting American veterans. This is one way of making your dollar count in supporting veterans. Most businesses out there are offering employment opportunities for veterans. Some business like Hilton hotels, StateFarm Insurance, Home Depot and Walmart are a few of those that support our veterans.

#4. Offer Your Talents to Veterans

There are so many ways to help veterans with your talents. If you’re an accountant, you can help file income tax returns for the veterans. Help with home improvement if you’re a DIY expert in home improvement projects. Sites like bring various veteran needs together for you to choose the ones you can help.

#5. Help With Simple Errands

If you happen to be a veteran neighbor, then you can help with simple errands like lawn mowing, uprooting stubborn weeds and even pruning. It is a great way to help out and show your act of gratitude and kindness.

#6. Mentor or Train Them for a Job

Why not share your skills by mentoring veterans interested in a specific carrier that matches with what you do? Helping veterans find a job and know how to do it is one of the best ways to help veterans transition to a normal life. Veterans looking for post-military career require your skills in resume writing, interview skills, and training. Visit sites like Hire Heroes and offer your skills there to veterans that require them.

#7. Volunteer for Stand Down Events

Stand Down events are aimed at honoring our veterans and providing those in need with services and supplies. You can volunteer to participate in those events or be part of the people that offer free supplies and services.

#8. Help Them Take a Flight to National Memorials

Through the Honor Flights Network, you can easily help veterans visit National Memorials that honor their services to the country. For as little as $4, you can help terminally ill veterans visit memorial sites.

#9. Share Veteran Stories

Do you know a veteran story that has not be told and shared? You can help veterans by sharing their stories and letting the world know about their service. A simple veteran story told is one of the best ways to help out.

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