5 Best Fishing Kayak Models Under $500 for 2019

Every person buys the kayak for different purposes.Some like recreational kayak, some others like tandem kayak while others like a fishing kayak.

Fishing kayak is one of the most popular types of kayak in the industry.The demand for a fishing kayak is very high as compared other types of kayaks.This incredible growth attracted the manufacturers to develop more fishing kayaks and created a very tight competition among themselves.This led them to introduce cheaper kayaks with more advanced utilities.

Eventually, this led them to introduce cheaper kayaks with more advanced utilities.

Now the whole industry had become saturated.It is quite difficult to choose the best fishing kayak for your needs.

But don’t worry.We are here for you to filter out the 5 best fishing kayak under $500.

So let’s get started…

1. Sun Dolphin Excursion sit-in Fishing Kayak, 10-Feet

When it comes to entry-level fishing kayaks, the Excursion by Sun Dolphin is the best choice.The kayak is all the way made for beginners as well as moderate fishermen.

So instead of speed, the kayak is much more focussed on stability.For example, it is easier to turn around smoothly when you find a fish to catch.

The kayak is 10 foot in length which in turn provides more space and comfortable ride throughout the paddling.

Fishing is the prime purpose of this best fishing kayak as you all know.As a part of it, the kayak includes three rod holders, two flush mount rod holders on the back side and one swivel rod holder on the front.

The kayak tracks excellently in rivers and lakes.It is a sit in type kayak, but you don’t have to worry because it has enough leg room to hold extra long legs.

The storage spaces are large enough to store small packets of foods and some drinks.All these features make it a suitable kayak make it to the list of best fishing kayak under $500.

2. Coleman Rio Canoe Hunt Fish

Coleman Rio is a yet another best inflatable fishing kayak under $500.As the name suggests, the kayak is a ‘canoe’ with similar functions of that of a kayak.This kayak can hold only a person at a time.

The double hull design of the body is marvelous in terms of build quality and is sturdy.It is the best kayak for fishing at rough waters because it has been built with raised bow and stern.

The body of the kayak is made up of durable 18 gauge PVC construction with 420D nylon cover which can resist tears caused by coalition with rocks and stones.The reinforced bottom part is strong enough to protect the kayak from tearing and punctures.The kayak is durable enough to hold paddlers and luggage up to 350lbs.

The bucket seat is elevated and hence, you will feel comfortable during the rides.Although the kayak is not so good at tracking, you can still control it easily if you have little experience in kayaking.The kayak gear is small when you deflate it.Hence, You can easily carry the kayak in your vehicle wherever you go.

The kayak gear is small when you deflate it.Hence, You can easily carry the kayak in your vehicle wherever you go.

Although the kayak is not so good at tracking, you can still control it easily if you have little experience in kayaking.The kayak gear is small when you deflate it.Thus, You can easily carry the kayak in your vehicle wherever you go.

We can say that Coleman Rio is completely cheap, compact and durable inflatable kayak and it deserves to be on the list of best fishing kayak below $500 segment.

3. Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

evylor Tahiti is another best budget friendly fishing kayak under $500.It is a 2 person kayak that comes with some of the greatest features available in the market.

The whole air of this inflatable fishing kayak is distributed inside different chambers.The advantage of having separate chambers for air is that if any of the chambers gets deflated due to tearing or wearing, the rest of the chambers stay aerated and can make your ride comfortable as earlier.

The 21 gauge PVC construction is adamant and not available on many of the kayaks in the market right now.

Two locking points are made by ‘Double Locks’ for easier inflation and deflation.The seats are highly adjustable and can move it front and back to adjust the seating position to your requirements.

It is recommended to kayak only a person at a time because the kayak can hold only a maximum of 360lbs and the leg space area is not much as compared to other kayaks.But you can also carry your child or your pets with you when you paddle.

Spray covers are used in the body that lets you stay dry by preventing the water splashes from entering into the kayak.Carry handles are present in front of the kayak that will help you to carry the kayak in and out of the water.

Additional features are included to add up your comfort like backrests that let you lean back and enjoy the whole adventures.It is also one of the light weight kayaks on the market weighing just 19lbs.

These incredible features will make it a good deal of owning this kayak.

4. Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

When it comes to sturdy and durable kayaks, Lifetime is a synonym of it….

And Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak is no exception to it.

It is another great contestant of best fishing kayak under $500.The complete body is made up of highly durable and high-density lightweight polyethylene which in turn can also reduce the weight.The kayak can hold a maximum of 3 people at a time, and the maximum capacity of the top fishing kayak is 500lbs.

Being a bit heavy and wider kayak on the market, it is little difficult to paddle and handle, especially for a novice person.But you can comply with it by using it for 2-3 times.

The kayak is designed in such a way that it provides supreme stability and proper tracking .The hull design is attractive and also makes the kayak stable.There are multiple footrest positions to adjust to your needs and comfort.The backrest is quite good and keeps your body steady throughout the paddling.

Fishing rod holders are placed on the side and back of the kayak which will help you to catch the fish with ease.Cargo areas and storage locations are included wisely in the kayak.

The tunnel shaped hull design helps you to fish while standing or slanting towards any sides.Clip holders and cradles for paddles are also included to make it convenient for you to grab the kayak easily.

5. Emotion 90259 Renegade XT Fishing Kayak

A fishing kayak is way more fun to use as compared to other types of kayaks due to the innumerable functionality it provides.But there are times when you feel you are not comfortable with the sit in fishing kayaks.

What if the kayak is a sit on the top fishing kayak?

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about now.

Emotion Renegade is the best sit on top fishing kayak under $500 that comes with some of the coolest features.The body is made up of hard shell high-density polyethylene which is strong enough to resist every wave strikes.

The ST performance hull is one of the attractive features about this best sit on top fishing kayak below $500.It provides exceptionally good tracking and also maximize the overall stability of the kayak in the water.

The rear part of the kayak contains cargo net lacing for storing utilities.Many other storage spaces are located in different parts of the kayak.Both the front and rear part contains handles for carrying the kayak easily between land and water.

Renegade contains two flush rod holders for fishing.All these features made it to the list of best fishing kayaks below $500.


There are hundreds of different models of fishing kayak in the market.So choosing the best from them is indeed difficult.But I have checked and filtered each and every model to help you to get a clear idea about fishing kayak.

If you have any further doubts,I will be glad enough to hear it from you.Drop your doubts at the comments below.Cheers!

What You Need to Know about Night Vision Scope Generation?

You’ve never been much of a morning person, have you? The idea of waking up at 4:00 A.M. to drive out to the wilds and hunt wild boar has never exactly been your idea of fun, I bet. Why would you need to sacrifice much-needed sleep just so you can test the validity of that “the early bird catches the worm” saying? What’s wrong with going hunting later in the day when you’re fully rested and alert?

Does this sound like you?

Don’t worry; it sounds like me, too.

Thankfully, there’s no law that prohibits hunters from doing their business anytime after 10:00 A.M. There are plenty of people who prefer afternoon hunts or even evening hunts. Hold the phone, evening hunts? Yes, evening hunts! I’m sure some of you expert hunters reading this are probably rolling your eyes at this point, but remember that you were once in the shoes of these newcomers who know nothing about necessary hunting technology. If you are a newcomer who knows nothing about necessary hunting technology, then allow me to introduce you to something that will quickly become your best friend during late night hunts.

I’m, of course, referring to night vision scopes.


What is Night Vision and How Does It Work?

Naturally gifted to certain animals and only presented to humans through technology, night vision is the ability to see in low-light or no-light conditions. For animals, their eyesight is able to pick up on radiation–such as near-infrared or ultraviolet–through the use of their enhanced spectral range. Obviously, radiation is invisible to the human eye. The only way we can see wield the mighty sword known as night vision is if we purchase technology that will aid us, like specially made binoculars, goggles, or scopes.

Night vision devices are programmed with an enhanced intensity range. The feat of being able to see past the veil of darkness is achieved via technological means through the use of an image intensifier, gain multiplication CCD, or other very low-noise and high-sensitivity array of photodetectors. It should also be noted that there are night vision devices that achieve sight through other means, such as active illumination and thermal technology.

What Do You Mean By “Generations”?

A Night Vision Device can be either a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation unit. What differentiates the generations apart is the type of image intensifier tube that is used for a particular device. The image intensifier tube is the heart and soul of a night vision device. By reading about each generation today, you can potentially come to a decision when it comes to purchasing one of these bad boys. Let’s explore the differences between the four gens!

1st Gen: The first generation technologies are currently the most popular night vision devices in the world. First gen units amplify existing light several thousand times over, letting you clearly see in the dark. An interesting feature that is exclusive to first generation night vision devices is the slight high-pitched whine that sounds when it is first turned on. This is often followed by a temporarily blurry image with soft edges. This is completely normal for first generation devices, as it is referred to as geometric distortion. All you have to do to fix it is either wait a minute for it to fix itself, or simply make some small adjustments.

The best thing about these units is that they are often sold at relatively low prices, which is perfect if you are into boating, observing wildlife, or protecting your home!

2nd Gen: The second generation devices are primarily used by law enforcement or other professional surveillance corporations. The reason for this is because the second gen technologies are much more expensive than the first gens (at least by $1000!). Another core difference between the first and second gen devices is the second gen’s micro-channel plate, commonly referred to as a MCP. It works as an electron amplifier and is placed directly behind the photocathode.

The MCP consists of millions of short parallel glass tubes. When the electrons pass through these short tubes, thousands more electrons are released. This extra process allows second generation units to amplify the light many more times then first generation giving you a brighter and sharper image. No wonder the police find these gadgets so useful!

3rd Gen: The introduction of the third generation night vision devices saw an even greater improvement from the second generation. By adding the chemical gallium arsenide to the photocathode, a even brighter and sharper image has been achieved. An ion barrier film was also added to increase tube life. Along with that, the third gen image intensifier tubes contain a micro channel plate, GaAs photocathode, and a completely self-contained integral high-voltage power supply. These tubes provide a combined increase in resolution, signal to noise and photosensitivity over tubes with a multi-alkali photocathode.

This gen has proven to be so impressive that the US military cites it as being their go-to night vision technology!

4th Gen: You’re probably wondering by now, “With as impressive as the third generation is, how on Earth can something even more superior be made?” Well! The filmless fourth generation night vision devices have managed to do just that! By removing the ion barrier film and “gating” the system, these units demonstrate substantial increases in target detection range and resolution, particularly at extremely low light levels. The use of filmless technology and auto-gated power supply in image intensifiers result in up to 100% improvement in photo response!

That’s pretty bad-ass, if I do say so myself!

Ruger 10/22 Rifle - Why you should own one?

Ruger 10/22: Why Everyone Should Own One?

The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular guns in America today, and one that should not miss in your firearm’s collection. It is not a new gun. This gun has been around for over 50 years. However, its popularity keeps growing. Was this the first gun you ever handled?

It first came out in 1964 but has remained a favorite for most people across the United States. It is one of those few guns you can quickly take apart and put it back together. That itself explains why the Ruger 10/22 is a must-have gun. You only need a few mechanical skills to take the gun apart and put it back together. It is a reliable and affordably priced gun that everyone should own.

So, why is the Ruger 10/22 such an excellent weapon?


Who doesn’t want a reliable gun? The gun features a semiautomatic feature that makes it extremely reliable. It is a feature that has been in existent since the gun was first made making it quite reliable.


Currently, there are five varieties of Ruger 10/22 guns on the market. Each of these guns can easily be customized to your needs. You can choose from the black synthetic styles or the wooden styles depending on your taste. All the varieties are pretty compact, have a small rimfire .22LR cartridge, operate quietly and have minimal recoil.


These guns are durable and feature a polymer trigger housing and an outer coating that makes them resistant to damaging elements.

Perfect for Hunting Small Game

This is probably the best gun for hunting small game. It is lightweight allowing you to get closer to the target while aiming. It comes from the manufacturer with a scope base and scope mounts. This makes it quite easy for you to add a scope on the gun and aim at the game with the highest precision, it doesn’t get any better when hunting small games with a Ruger 10/22 and the best scope mounted.

Takedown Model

This is a model of the Ruger 10/22 that features a detachable barrel for compact packing. It is an excellent feature on the gun that allows for easy storage and transportation of the gun. When camping in the wild, you can easily carry the gun in your backpack.

The Trigger

The trigger of the Ruger 10/22 is safely housed in the polymer keeping it safe from the elements. It is smooth and operates consistently making shooting quite easy.


The Ruger 10/22 is probably one of the most affordable guns on the market. You can find basic models for under $200 which is quite excellent.


Well, I know most people rarely clean their guns, but this would be due to the complexities in taking them apart. However, the simple design of the Ruger means you can easily take it apart, clean it and put it back together with minimal tools.

There are just so many reasons for you to get the Ruger 10/22 gun. Loading the ten round rotary magazine is straightforward with the magazine placed in the gun one way. It is also quite easy to charge the chamber.


9 Simple Ways You Can Help Veterans & Make Them Feel Appreciated

Recognizing veterans through the Veterans Day is one of the many ways to show our support and gratitude for their service to defend our country. However, there is much more we can always do to show our veterans we truly appreciate the great risks they take to keep us safe.

In most cases, helping veterans won’t cost you a penny! A simple act of kindness means a lot to them. Well, there is nothing wrong with giving them material support at the same time. There are just so many ways you can help veterans.

Here are 9 simple ways you can help veterans

#1. Volunteer to Organizations That Help Veterans

Offering your time by volunteering to organizations supporting veterans is one of the best ways to show your gratitude. Organizations like the Disabled American Veterans provide free transportation to veterans visiting departments of Veterans Affairs. Search for more organizations and volunteer your services for free to help our veterans in any way possible.

#2. Pay Them a Visit

There is no better way to show your gratitude to our veterans than paying them a visit at the hospital. It speaks millions in kindness than just offering financial help. Imagine the days our injured veterans spend in hospitals. It is even worse for veterans without family or friends to talk to when in hospital.

Plan a visit as a family to teach your kids the sacrifices our military service men and women go through to keep us safe.

#3. Support Business That Helps Veterans

The next time you need to shop for goods, services or book a hotel, do a simple research to see if the company is actively involved in supporting American veterans. This is one way of making your dollar count in supporting veterans. Most businesses out there are offering employment opportunities for veterans. Some business like Hilton hotels, StateFarm Insurance, Home Depot and Walmart are a few of those that support our veterans.

#4. Offer Your Talents to Veterans

There are so many ways to help veterans with your talents. If you’re an accountant, you can help file income tax returns for the veterans. Help with home improvement if you’re a DIY expert in home improvement projects. Sites like milserve.org bring various veteran needs together for you to choose the ones you can help.

#5. Help With Simple Errands

If you happen to be a veteran neighbor, then you can help with simple errands like lawn mowing, uprooting stubborn weeds and even pruning. It is a great way to help out and show your act of gratitude and kindness.

#6. Mentor or Train Them for a Job

Why not share your skills by mentoring veterans interested in a specific carrier that matches with what you do? Helping veterans find a job and know how to do it is one of the best ways to help veterans transition to a normal life. Veterans looking for post-military career require your skills in resume writing, interview skills, and training. Visit sites like Hire Heroes and offer your skills there to veterans that require them.

#7. Volunteer for Stand Down Events

Stand Down events are aimed at honoring our veterans and providing those in need with services and supplies. You can volunteer to participate in those events or be part of the people that offer free supplies and services.

#8. Help Them Take a Flight to National Memorials

Through the Honor Flights Network, you can easily help veterans visit National Memorials that honor their services to the country. For as little as $4, you can help terminally ill veterans visit memorial sites.

#9. Share Veteran Stories

Do you know a veteran story that has not be told and shared? You can help veterans by sharing their stories and letting the world know about their service. A simple veteran story told is one of the best ways to help out.

gun safety for hunter

Gun Safety for Hunter: The Essential Rules Every Hunter Must Always Apply When Using a Gun

There are many weapons for hunting, but none of them requires careful handling and usage as a gun. Guns are lethal weapons, and you’re using one for your hunting adventures, you probably read and learned few of these rules. These are rules every hunter must always learn and apply to ensure their safety and those of their hunting partners.

There are no specific rules for newbies or experienced gun handles. Every hunter must treat the gun with respect as a simple mistake will not spare you because you’re experienced.

In this post, we are going to discuss some gun safety rules. Most of these rules are things you already know, but then you need to brush your skills from time to time.

Gun Safety Tips for Hunters

1. Treat All Guns as if They Were Loaded

This looks like a basic rule but it is one of the most fundamental rules to follow. Treating all firearms as if they are loaded helps instil deep respect to the guns.  The rule basically educates hunters to be careful when around any firearm. Always check the magazine, chamber and receiver visually to be sure there is no ammunition.

Even if you unloaded the firearm the last time you stored it, make sure you still confirm before testing it. Treating all guns as if they are loaded ensures you handle your gun carefully at all times.

2. Never Let the Muzzle Cover Anything You are not Willing to Destroy

You should not point the gun at all times to anything you don’t intend to shoot. Make it a habit to always know where the muzzle of your gun is pointing. The muzzle should not point any person, animal or objects you don’t intend to shoot. This includes the gun muzzle facing your body, feet and legs.

The direction of the gun muzzle must be given respect at all times. Always have the gun muzzle direction in your mind when handling it. There are instances when a target let’s say a Bighorn sheep appears suddenly. Your instinct will be to point the gun muzzle direct to the sheep. However, the process of whipping the gun around might direct the muzzle to unlikely targets. You never know what might happen in a split of a second.

It is always important to use a spotting scope to scan the area for game. Using a rifle scope to scan for games in the area means you will be aimlessly pointing your gun muzzle towards unsafe directions. A rifle scope is only used to center your target for accurate shooting and not scanning. A spotting scope can help you identify the game from which you can then use the rifle scope to center your weapon and get an accurate kill.

3. The Trigger Rule

Your finger should be off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. This is another very simple rule but one that some hunters tend to ignore. Experienced hunters will never have their fingers on the trigger until they are sure they want to shoot.

This rule might appear like a no-brainer to a newbie but trust me, the finger is likely to engage the trigger due to the tendency of wanting to handle a gun. Gripping with our fingers is the natural way we are wired to hold things.

If you don’t believe me, try holding an object with your index finger straight.

4. Identify Your Target and Know What is Beyond It

What will you hit if your bullet passes through the target or misses? This should be the final safety rule to consider before finally putting your finger on the trigger and releasing. Look beyond the target when about to shoot. There is also the risk of the bullet ricocheting off hard places like a cliff.

Bullets can travel long distances, and we need to see beyond the target.  A 270 ammunition travels over 3.5 miles while a 22 bullet travels for 1.5 miles.

Always keep these rules in your mind before going to the field for your safety and those around you. There are several more safety tips to always remember like unloading your firearm when in storage and keeping the ammunition in separate places.


10 Veterans Benefits You Might Not Know About

America leads the way when it comes to treating its veterans. Through the Department of Veterans’ Affair, over the 24 million veterans receive a wide range of benefits. However, there are several veterans out there that might not be aware of the full benefits entitled to them.

Most of the veterans are only aware of the basic education and health care benefits. Some of the benefits might be available to active members or members that have served for at least 24 years. However, most of the American Veterans in general have a wide range of benefits availed to them and their families that you might not know about.

Let’s have a look at the ten veteran benefits you might not know about:

Free Tax Preparation

Veterans with difficulties filing their income tax returns can get free tax preparation on volunteer offices at the military bases. Individuals working in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offices on most military bases have expertise on complicated military tax problems and can always help for free.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care can be pretty expensive for aging veterans and surviving spouses of veterans. The government through the Aid and Attendance Program offers up to 25K dollars a year of support for aging veterans in assisted living programs and nursing homes. Surviving spouses of veterans also can receive up to 13K dollars a year to cater for long-term care costs.

This is an excellent benefit to cover a significant cost of the long-term care expenses.

Home Loan

Veterans are eligible for a home loan through the GI Bill without a monthly mortgage insurance premium or down payment. It simply means veterans can buy homes without any money at hand.  While the Veterans Administration doesn’t lend any money, it guarantees a portion of the loan with your lender. All that veterans need to do is to meet the credit standards of the lender, and they have a new home.

Mortgage Help

Apart from guaranteeing a portion of your mortgage loan, veterans with trouble mortgage repayment can also receive assistance. This is made possible through special loan forbearance, repayment plans, and loan modifications.  We also have more benefits for homeless veterans and those with VA loans.

Air Travel Benefit

With space permitting, retired veterans and their family members can fly for free or at a small fee on most military flights. However, this is a standby option and only suitable when your travel plans coincide with the military fights Remember to carry a jacket and snacks as most military planes are not comfortable.

Lodging Benefit

Veterans and their families can gain access to inexpensive lodging at military recreational centers or base lodging. However, this is also dependent on space-availability basis. You don’t have to pay for expensive hotel accommodations when you’re near a military base.

Certification Benefits

If veterans want to further their studies, they receive additional credits to enable them access to colleges and other learning institutions. On top of this, they also receive up to $2, 000 to help them process the certification. This is a great benefit to veterans looking to change carriers.

American Corporate Partners Benefit

This is a benefit where veterans through the American Corporate Partners get connections to top companies in their search for a job.  They also receive face-to-face mentoring services to help in carrier development.

Life Insurance Benefit

It is pretty hard and expensive for veterans especially those with injuries to obtain the traditional life insurance. However, this is now possible through the ‘Veterans Group Life and Servicemembers’ Insurance Program where they receive up to 400K dollars in life insurance.

Transfer of GI Bill Credits

Veterans can also transfer unused credits to their spouses and dependents through the GI Bill. However, there is a service limit required before one can transfer such benefits.


There are several benefits we’ve not discussed, but these are the main ten veteran benefits you might know about. Make sure you’re well-informed of your benefits as a veteran through the Department of Veteran’s affair to take advantage of what you rightfully deserve.